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Walla Walla County is located in the southeast portion of Washington State. The current population of the County is 58,300 people. 16,995 residing in the unincorporated portions of the County. The unincorporated portion of the County is projected to grow to approximately 20,052 people by 2020.

Burbank has 3,380 people. Rural communities within the Fire District include Wallula with 197 people, Sun Harbor with 200 people. The total population within the fire district’s 92 square mile boundaries is approximately 4,100. The Burbank community area covers approximately 18 square miles. The communities of Burbank and Burbank Heights are essentially bisected by the McNary National Wildlife Refuge and Recreation Area which covers approximately 5,000 acres.

The Fire District boundaries are the Snake River north of Highway 124, South on Highway 12 to the intersection of Oregon State Highway 730, and east on State Highway 124, 11 miles east of Burbank Heights. However, the fire district does cover some portions of Walla Walla County Fire District 3 and District 6 with Fire/Rescue response, Basic and Advanced Life Support Transport when needed. Our EMS and Rescue services go to the Oregon border and milepost #314 on Hwy #12 on the way to Walla Walla. The majority of this hundred-and-twenty square mile area is rural zoned.